Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thing #5
I CANNOT wait to download some pictures with Flickr. This seems like alot of fun. This alone has given me inspiration to where I want to take my blog once I get more familiar with the technical components of it.
Thing #4 - Thanks to V. Branom for the help on this. She's a great teacher, I can tell.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thing 3 (part B)

And the habit I find easiest is #4. I have, at times, a great deal of confidence in myself. Unfortunately, quite often, it is borderline unrealistic in that I think I can do way more than I actually can in a very limited amount of time. But why harp on the negative. This page is a reflection of my strength, afterall. To a large extent, success is primarliy about attitude. I just happen to get myself into a few jams here and there with it, that's all. : )

Thing #3

Woe! I got here and that's been quite a challenge for me.

But no time to waste...moving on. As I reviewed the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, it was quite easy for me to identify the 1st (goal setting) as my most difficult step in the path of success. I tend to live in the here and the now, ya know. No longer in the past like I once did, and like I think many of us do as we, ahem... "age", but definately not in the future dreaming up new adventures for myself. And this is bad.
Bad Bad Bad!!
But I think as we start families, we tend to put our personal goals aside for a few years, which is understandable, especially those far reaching, time consuming, self absorbing kind of goals. Not that that's the only kind. LOL! But for me it tends to lean that way. Maybe that is my problem in itself with goal setting. Maybe I need to realize that goals don't need to big "all that". Maybe they can be simple things that don't exactly require overthrowing the government. hmmm...?
I may be onto something here.